Don’s Security Services goals are to provide investigative and security services to the private sector, including industrial, commercial, and insurance companies. These goals are carried out in a professional manner, supervised by a highly skilled and experienced management team. With over 30 years of professional law enforcement investigative experience we offer;


  • Experienced Officers & Investigators
  • Off Duty & Retired Police Officers
  • Police  Detectives
  • Specialist Consultant
  • Qualified & Certified Instructors
  • Supervision Experience
  • Tested Civil Service Employees
  • N.Y. State Licensed
  • Armed and Unarmed

Investigative Services

  • Death Investigations
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • Internal Theft Investigations
  • Accident Investigations
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Computer & E-mail forensics

“Network throughout the nation for investigations”

Much of our work is standard skills for our employees who perform these difficult duties on a daily basis. All of our employees are dedicated and professional. We believe it costs no more to use the best. In fact, it is less expensive in the long run.

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