Pepper Spray & Handcuffing Training Course April 2019 ($65.00)

Pepper Spray & Handcuffing Course $65.00

Scheduled for April 2019

Approx. (5- 6 Hrs.)   $65.00  (Register Now !!!!) 8am – 1 or 2pm.

Doors open at 7:55 am (Sign up now)

 Course Info: Provides an overview of the use and deployment of Pepper Spray and the proper way to handle subjects who have been sprayed and taken into custody.

History of Chemical Agents: Identify the various types of chemical sprays and their limitations.

Legal Aspects: Defines positional asphyxia (Sudden Death). Use of Force situations with liability concerns. NY State Law discussed as it pertains to guards.

Emergency Situations: Provides an overview of different types of situations and methods of when to deploy pepper spray and procedures involved in the de-contamination process.

Defensive Tactics: How to defend yourself if you become exposed.

Mandatory OC Spray Exposure: Students will be exposed to pepper spray and decontamination procedures upon completion of wavier.

Review and Critique: Review of course and the training provided. Student should bring in towels and may wear ball caps.

Handcuffing Techniques:  Types of Cuffs & Keys, Control & Movement Techniques, Applying and Removing Handcuffs, Speed & Butterfly Cuffing Methods discussed, demonstrated and briefly practiced.

Students will be given a written test which covers the topics discussed during training concerning pepper spray & chemical agents

Wallet Certificates & Display Certificates will be issued

Note: Defensive tactics covers more handcuffing techniques and exposure.