Security Guard Services in Buffalo, NY

Don’s Security Services, Inc. (DSS) conducts all business under the strictest ethical guidelines. You can be assured that any recommendations are not influenced by any other business conflicts. Loyalty to our clients is how we’ve gained a reputation of reliability and honesty. We strive to do the best possible job accurately, effectively and discretely. Listed below are some of the benefits DSS is able to provide you or your organization. Please call to schedule a consultation for services that may be needed now or in the future.

“Putting off what needs to be addressed today is not always an option.”

Don – Owner



  • Private Investigations
  • CCTV Equipment (Sales, Service & Rental)
  • Security Guard Services
  • Spy Equipment (Covert)
  • Security Guard Training Courses
  • Pistol Permit Basic Safety Course
  • Firearms Training Courses
  • Private Investigators Training Course
  • Surveillance Services (Photo & Video)
  • Pre-Employment & Background Checks
  • Insurance Investigations (Fraud & Comp)
  • Statements & Interviews from Witnesses
  • License Checks
  • Bankruptcy Civil Checks
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Seminar & Awareness Services
  • GPS Trackers (Sales & Rental)
  • Self Defense Training
  • Identity Theft Investigation
  • Strike/Labor Dispute Security
  • Construction Site Security
  • Lawn Fetes & Bingo Security
  • Internal Theft Investigation
  • Expert Testimony



When there’s a problem, we deal with it the right way, “the first time”.

Security Guard Services in Buffalo, NY Security Guard in Buffalo, NY
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