Advanced Defensive Tactics & Handcuffing Course


The Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing course is designed to assist the Security Officer with defensive tactics in conjunction with handcuffing. This course picks up where our regular handcuffing class leaves off. Research has indicated that security officers can reduce the risk of injury to themselves and persons they are apprehending with proper training.

The class is part lecture and part physical training with students using mats to conduct training. Students are required to wear loose, comfortable clothing and are required to wear a tennis or sneaker type shoe. The benefits to this training program are the reduction in officer/suspect injuries, reduced exposure to civil/criminal liability and the increase in security officer safety.




This course teaches the student the basic techniques to safely handcuff and control persons. The course will instruct students on proper handcuffing procedures to enhance officer safety and reduce injuries and civil liabilities. Mental awareness (Warrior Mindset) “Will to Survive” an encounter will be emphasized along with use of force considerations.

The course will focus on the following topics;

  • Review of Use of Force – New York State Penal Law –Article 35.
  • Types of Handcuffs, Cuffing, Control and Searching Techniques.
  • Overcoming Resistance with Pressure Point or Wrist Takedowns.
  • Positioning for cuffing while standing, kneeling or on the ground.
  • Apprehension Techniques – Hands on drills conducted on mats which may include defense against punches, kicks, chokes, bear hugs, grabs, leg kicks, ground fighting, blocks, strikes.
  • Effective Body Weapons – Use of hands, knees, elbows and head to strike your attacker if officers need to get out of common holds.

Students will learn the basic techniques to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence to safely defend, restrain, control and handle different situations in an effective manner. Students must remember that gross motor skills need to be practiced and can be very effective if used the right way by security officers. Recent court decisions expect security officers to respond correctly to many difficult situations while following Policy and Procedures.

This training class is a defensive and acceptable use of force, if needed, to protect persons and officers. Anyone can use these skills regardless of size, strength or skill level. Remember, training and mind set is the best defense to keep you safe and in control A fight not fought is a fight won. Verbal Judo, de-escalating techniques and reading person’s body language and controlling the situation is what is important for security officers to understand when faced with situations.

Security officers know just what they should – and more importantly shouldn’t do.

Persons who enroll in the Defensive Tactics training class need to be injury free and in normal physical condition without restrictions.

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