16 Hour On-The-Job Course- TBD 2023


Part I:
This course expands upon the topics covered during the Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course. In addition, this is a required course once a security guard has been employed (whether full or part time) a security guard M U S T complete this training course within 90 days of gainful employment.

Part II:
This training may be an extension to Part I or additional topics such as, but not limited to: Sexual Harassment in the Work Place, Defense Tactics, Preliminary Investigations, Officer Survival Techniques, Incident Command System, Ethics & Conduct, Court Room Demeanor, Terrorism, Chemical Suicides, Managing Aggressive Behavior, Report Writing, Mental Awareness, Juvenile Laws, etc.

Review and examination. Students must achieve a minimum of 70% to satisfactorily complete this MANDATED training.

*Fee covers both Parts I & II

TBD 2023 (both days are mandatory)

*Both days start at 8:00am



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