Pre-Assignment Security Guard Training Course 12/16/22


The 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course is a M U S T have in order to get your New York State Security License.

This is a one day course that will give passing students a certificate to be mailed in with the registration forms instructors give at the training course. Once the application process is completed, students may go to work right away for any employer while their license is “pending”. Instructors will give our students information on companies or organizations that maybe currently hiring and where to apply.

December 16, 2022

Course beings at 8:00am

Doors open at 7:50am


8 Seats Remaining



Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Course listed for your review.

Role of a Security Guard:
Provides an overview of a security industry and defines duties typically performed by security guards.

Legal Powers & Limitations:
Defines the differences between security guards and law enforcement officials and explains the procedures for an arrest made by a security guard.

Emergency Situations:
Provides an overview of different types of emergencies and methods of response to be performed by security guards.

Communications & Public Relations:
Explanation of the communication process and identify how perceptions affect interaction.

Access Control:
Identify the elements of access control and identification and define three types of access control.

Defines and explains the importance of the Code of Ethics for security guards.

Review and Examination:
Review materials. Multiple choice and true/false examination will be given on the topics covered. Students must achieve a minimum of 70% to satisfactorily complete this course.

This course by NO means guarantees employment with DSS. If a student wishes, they may bring their resume to the course to be kept on file and reviewed for future employment openings.

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